THIS is why Dilli Darlings’ Sona Sharma walked out of the screening

A series featuring top 10 socialites of Delhi circuit is being made which is about showshaa, insecurities and controversies. Reportedly, Sona Sharma, who is a part of the Dilli Darlings, walked out of the screening in anger.

According to a report in, at the screening, which was held in Delhi, while all the Dilli Darlings were busy celebrating their special moments, one of the Dilli Darlings, Sona Sharma walked out from the screening, in a fit of rage. The report further stated that Sona who is a grandmother, cancer-survivor and bonafide social butterfly was all decked up and waited to see herself in the first episode. But, she got extremely upset when she didn’t find herself in first two episodes except the promo and it definitely didn’t go well with her. After all, amongst all the ladies, she is the eldest and definitely had a motivating story to narrate to the audience. As soon as the screening got over, she raised the topic to the makers and expressing her disappointment, she stormed out of the party. This created a ruckus.

Speaking about the promo, she is seen playing with her grandchildren, discussing her battle with cancer.

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