Aashka Goradia and Vahbiz Dorabjee share views on the Falguni Peacock controversy

Television actresses Aashka Goradia and Vahbiz Dorabjee have shared their views on the Falguni Peacock controversy. For the uninitiated, during a recent interview with Good Times, leading fashion designer Falguni Peacock was asked as to what advice would she give to plus size women and she said, “I won’t blatantly tell them to lose weight, but you have enough time and you can work on yourself. It is pretty easy to lose a couple of inches if you want to.” When asked what advice would she give to a bride who is unable to lose weight, she had said, “Long blouses, more flared lehengas and not fitted- because fitted won’t really work when you’re a little big. No deep necks for them, maybe more higher.” Her suggestions didn’t go down well with several people and then the video was pulled down.

Sharing her opinion on the same, Aashka told SpotboyE.com, “I don’t think anyone should be asked what others should do, that being first. The question should not have been asked in the first place, it’s subtle body shaming. Secondly, why should anybody decide what others should look like, why is there a structure or thought of how a bride’s body should be?”

Vahbiz said, “The question was asked but I rather think Falguni should have handled it better,” and added in no uncertain terms that many designers in our country tend to think like Falguni. “I would not like to point fingers on any one designer in India. This is a common problem that plus size girls are facing, which is very unfair and discriminating. High time they learn to treat everyone as equals. Even healthy girls have their desires. You cannot tell them to be in high necks and flare outfits. Don’t try to change someone, instead change your thoughts and creations.”

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